Benson Amps

Benson Amps are unique designs, not mere clones of vintage amps from the 50s and 60s. Armed with great ears, taste and the engineering know-how, Chris Benson continues to make custom design choices that produce unmatched sound quality and tone. At Benson Amps, they’re all about the music first.



Builder/Founder:Chris Benson
Location:Portland, OR

About Benson Amps

Chris is obsessed with music. Born into a family of scientists and doctors, he applied his natural curiosity to the design principles of tube amplifiers while playing bass and guitar in bands in the Pacific Northwest. Chris began spending his spare time building and tweaking amps in his basement in Seattle, and his passion ultimately led to an apprenticeship at Verellen Amplifiers. While running the shop’s repair and modification operations, Chris sharpened his electrical engineering skills and developed a personal schema of amp design. He constructed, tested, and listened to hundreds of different circuit types from the best in vintage and modern amplifier design. Around that time, Chris began to conceptualize and design his own amps, and he was able to sonically dial in original designs without the need to adhere to historic constraints.

Benson Amps builds their amplifiers one at a time, using the highest quality and best sounding components. Their goal is to deliver an heirloom-quality custom amplifier.


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