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Benjamin Fargen has been building best-in-class boutique tube amplifiers since 1998, and continues to introduce innovations to the amp market that are enjoyed by guitarists and bassists of all levels, and across all genres.


OUT OF STOCK1959 Lead & Bass Plexi1959 Lead & Bass Plexi

1959 Lead & Bass Plexi

This one of a kind Custom Shop masterpiece is Ben’s take on combining the very best of the 1959 Plexi circuit model by splitting the first triode to represent the classic lead and bass aspects in one amplifier.


Builder/Founder:Benjamin Fargen

About Benjamin Fargen of Exclusive Amps

Benjamin Fargen has been creating amazing one-of-a-kind handcrafted guitar amplifiers for the last 20+ years. His unique approach to design allows him to step outside the box and do something much bigger than just vintage clones… Seamlessly integrating the classic tonal essence of the past…fused with the needs of modern players today. Let Benjamin’s “Exclusive Amps” take you down the road less traveled and right to the sonic doorway of the pros


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