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Louis Scuttis the founder and owner of Scero Guitars who has worked to constantly improve his guitars, and has figured out the right formula to build handmade instruments that exude quality and tone.



Laulita MKII


The Laulita MKII is Scero Guitars’ first all original design, inspired from the late 50’s “jr’s”.  They took the design into their own hands, with more comfortable concurs, redesigned neck pocket and heel, and hand contours allowing higher fret access. The Laulita MKII was bred to rock. Comfortably.

OUT OF STOCKTaglio – Aged Black

Taglio – Aged Black


Ready-to-Ship!  Taglio from Scero Guitars has an aged Black nitro finish with a 1-piece Maple neck.

OUT OF STOCKTaglioTaglio



The Taglio is an absolute Tele-style work horse. Meant to be inspired by one of Leo’s first models. it incorporates the best attributes of the original ones made in the 50’s and early 60’s. Scero Guitars incorporate the best qualities of the old with light weight tone woods, like Swamp Ash, Alder & SugarPine. The tone and playability of the Taglio goes far and beyond what you would at all expect from a guitar at this price point.


Taglio MKII


The Taglio MKII is what Scero Guitars wanted to do with the classic design to make it their own. Still housing the best tonal woods and pickups possible, yet adding their own flare and other tweaks.

OUT OF STOCKSaleDoppioDoppio


$2,395.00 $1,395.00

The Doppio was set out to be an inspiration from one of Leo’s mid-50’s designs. Used by some of Rockn’Roll’s most iconic players, it incorporates the curves and contours of the original. Using steel block tremolo’s and the BEST handwound singlecoil pickups available. The Doppio is a very well put together inspiration from this original design.


Doppio MKII


This is Scero’s take on an iconic classic design! They kept all of what you know and love, but made of their our own tweaks.




With the Cavo, Scero Guitars took one of the most classic semi-hollow guitars designs, and revised it to make it their own.

OUT OF STOCKMaestroMaestro



The Maestro is inspired by one of the late 50’s offset designs, designed for jazz players, and loved by more than just that! We utilize Mastery hardware, with top notch tonal woods like normal, makes this guitar a well rounded machine.


Maestro MKII


Scero Guitars took inspiration from their Maestro model, and made it their own. With a redesigned body shape, more comfortable high fret access, and other features, the Maestro MKII is Scero’s version of an offset that you’ll love and enjoy the feel and sound of playing!


Builder/Founder:Louis Scutti
Location:Pueblo, CO

A Conversation with Louis Scutti, founder of Scero Guitars

Q: How did you get into the business?

A: If I had to put one word on this it was out of desperation. I don’t have much of a woodworking history. I was in the market to buy a custom guitar, and a buddy of mine who was into boutique told me about a builder in town named Ed. I went to meet him, and saw his one-man operation and I became (xxx). I bought one. Then I bought another. I started to watch him build, and I became very interested in the process.

During one visit he let me build my own guitar under his watch. I enjoyed it and then built a few more. One day after not having a job for a while, I decided to try building guitars for a living. I started listing some of my guitars and they sold, probably because I priced them so low. Unfortunately back then, the quality was so hit or miss, I was having some issues because I wasn’t properly trained in everything I needed to know, so I took a year and a half off from building in order to do a full on apprenticeship under Ed. I just think he is one of the finest luthiers on this planet. I honed my skills and brought the quality of my work up to the high standard that it needed to be.

I’ve now been building full time for five years and am extremely happy at the level I have accomplished as a builder.

Q: What part of Ed’s philosophy in building guitars rubbed-off on you?

A: Ed taught me all about building everything by hand. The handmade element is key. The biggest difference between me and most builders out there, is that I build everything from scratch; I don’t use premade parts. The second thing I learned to appreciate is Ed’s level of detail. I’ve never seen anyone spend so much attention to the finest details, and this became a big part of my own approach to building.

Q: Who are some of the major influences on your playing?

A: I’ve been playing since age 16. I wish I was your classic Hendrix, Vaughan and Clapton kind of player, but I’m not. I grew up in the early to mid 90’s and I listened to a lot of STP, Nirvana and Aerosmith. But I wasn’t really listening to that music for the guitar. If I had to put a name to it, my biggest influence was Mark Tremonti from Creed; he was my guitar idol, the first one who I paid attention to his playing. In addition, Carlos Santana. His “Supernatural” album was the one that turned me on to Carlos. I also like these guys because they are PRS artists and I was die-hard PRS fan.

Q: How do you approach the business today?

A: I look to build the best guitar that I can possibly build. I love it when customers tell me that the guitars I’ve built for them are some of the best sounding guitars they have heard. I’ve been able to figure out what sounds good together, and what I can expect to hear out of a piece of wood. I’ve learned how to find those little things that work well together to yield a great sounding guitar.

Q: How about when you’re not building?

A: When not building … I am being a dad, and playing guitar.


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