Free Painkiller Buffer from West Coast Pedal Board

Get a FREE Painkiller pedal board buffer with the purchase of $300 worth of any West Coast Pedal Board products!  EXCLUSIVELY FROM GEAR COLLECTOR!

These are the industry’s best pedal boards and they can be customized dozens of different ways.  Configure any pedal board—any way you want—and add from a variety of options including:

  • Pro Gig Bags
  • Matching Cases
  • Power Supplies
  • Electronics Packages
  • Road Cases
Flashback Tie Dye Series
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Choose from multiple pedal board sizes in different coverings including tolex colors and lacquered tweed.  You can even order yours in beautiful hard woods like Sapele, Walnut and Zebra Wood.  Exclusively from Gear Collector, you can also order any pedal board covered in the Flashback tye-die covering!

All pedal boards from West Coast Pedal Board are hand-made and expertly constructed with high-quality frame materials. Boards come with their Super Loop deck material—a no frizz, high-stick covering that securely mounts your pedals.

Do Custom Shop Orders Qualify?

West Coast Pedal Board Custom ShopYou betcha!  However, you’ll need to complete the following form to qualify.

Why?  You ask.  West Coast Pedal Board Custom Shop orders must be completed on their website, but we need to know that you saw it here.  The offer is only available to customers who come from Gear Collector.

Hurry!  First 10 Customers Only

That’s right.  There are only 10 of these specially-built Painkiller buffer circuit pedals available.  West Coast Pedal Board will install it in your custom-configured board, or you can install it yourself.  Get your pedal board today

About the Painkiller Buffer Circuit Pedal

The new Painkiller buffer circuit from West Coast Pedal Board is a unity gain amplifier with high input impedance and low output impedance. What does that means is?  It means that this utility pedal will immediately restore that original tone to which you are accustomed when plugging directly into your amp—no matter how many pedals are on your board! The Painkiller whips any instrument back into shape immediately! Guitar, bass, fiddle, sax, cello… you name it! Restore your tone with this easily installed pedal board buffer.  Made in the U.S.A.


  • Extremely High Quality Components
  • Hammond Enclosure – Made in the USA
  • Wima & Nichicon Audio Grade Capacitors
  • Texas Instruments TL702 Chipset
  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • Flanged Case allows typical top side mounting or secure under-mounting keeping valuable real estate available for other pedals
  • Standard 9VDC 2.1mm Center Negative Boss type adapter
  • No battery support
  • Ultra Compact enclosure
  • Bright White LED and Green Sparkle Enclosure
  • Each one meticulously built & tested by Chuck Bennett from Chuck Pedals in California

10 Painkillers Available.  Don’t Miss Out!

OUT OF STOCKSaleAngled Pedal Board:  Unofficial Pete Cornish Series

Angled Pedal Board: Unofficial Pete Cornish Series

$599.99 $569.99

Ready-to-Ship!  12″x18″ angled pedalboard with road case, FREE Painkiller Buffer, and FREE SHIPPING!

OUT OF STOCKAngled Hardwood Pedal Board

Angled Hardwood Pedal Board


The West Coast Standard Hardwood Series Pedal Board is a high quality rig without custom pricing.

OUT OF STOCKLittle Rock Pedal Board

Little Rock Pedal Board


The Little Rock Pedal Board is a great platform for any plaer with 1-5 pedals.

OUT OF STOCKFlat Pedal Board:  Standard Series

Flat Pedal Board: Standard Series


The Standard Series Flat Pedal Board from West Coast Pedal Board is best for the traveling musician.

OUT OF STOCKAngled Pedal Board:  Standard Series

Angled Pedal Board: Standard Series


This is the ultimate Angled Pedal Board from the best manufacturer in the business.  10 different coverings in 4 sizes.