The New Maxi-Q Dual Filter for the Electric Guitar from Terry McInturff

As a performing guitarist, I’ve never been quite happy with the traditional tone control. While it does have its uses and is used by many, plenty of others simply leave that tone control at 10—because to many, it just doesn’t sound that good. I’m one of those folks, and I wanted to do something about it.

Enter my new Maxi-Q. Finally, a tone control that you will want to use!

The Maxi-Q is a Passive (No Batteries) Dual Filter Set

There are two separate filters:

The WARM FILTER is a finessed version of the crude low-pass filter known as the tone control. Unlike the plain-‘ole tone knob, the WARM FILTER rolls-off the highs whilst leaving a pleasing transparency behind. And so you can get various shades of warm jazzy/bluesy tones, even the vaunted “woman tone” without turning your sound into a big ball of mud.

The SWEET FILTER is all about the midrange. Technically, it’s an inductor-based combination of a mid-pass filter and a notch filter. What this means in real life use is that you can either gradually dip the mids in a very precise way (for incredibly wide, transparent, almost acoustic guitar-esque at the extreme) or crank that midrange right to the front of the soundstage! Imagine making a Strat neck pickup mimic a mini humbucker! This is just one taste of what the SWEET FILTER can do.

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The Maxi-Q Has an Analog Heritage

I’ve long wanted to have just a taste of vintage analog recording console EQ right there on my guitar—but without batteries. The circuits in the EQ can be traced back to some of the classic EQ circuits that helped to record the sounds we love.

The Maxi-Q Features True Bypass

You’ll be able to set a preset and toggle between true bypass with ease … even while singing into a mic!

The Maxi-Q Features the Finest Components

Much effort has been put into trying to make the trad tone control sound decent by means of trying different capacitors, etc. Some improvement can be had, however the trad tone control is such a crude design that there are limits.

The Maxi-Q on the other hand uses the finest, tightest-specification components, such as you would see in a SSL recording desk, or even the space shuttle!

The Maxi-Q is Easy to Use

A few minutes playing around with the filters at first, and off you go. There’s a whole rainbow of tonal colors available. Just turn the knob until it sounds like you want it to.
Finally, a tone control that you will want to use!

The new Maxi-Q takes the place of the plain-‘ole tone control and brings an incredibly wide palette of organic, sweet sounds to you right there in the guitar. No batteries. The finest components. Easy to use. True bypass.  Pre-settable.  No noise.

—Terry C. McInturff