OUT OF STOCKAletheiaAletheia



The Aletheia from Banning Guitars is an alder semi-hollow body guitar with a German Carve top and 16″ at the lower bout.

OUT OF STOCKBetty MaeBetty Mae

Betty Mae


The Betty Mae model is available in both traditional finishes and the “Betty Mae” finish.  The “Betty Mae” finish is a 100% Nitrocellulose lacquer finish. The organic look was inspired by the pansies gardens that Betty once grew.  Banning Guitars can install just about any pickup and hardware configuration on these made to order guitars.

OUT OF STOCKSaleBondsman:  Serial #15021

Bondsman: Serial #15021

$2,000.00 $1,850.00

Ready-to-Ship!  2-piece swamp ash body, aged Butterscotch Blonde nitro. Serial #15021




With the Cavo, Scero Guitars took one of the most classic semi-hollow guitars designs, and revised it to make it their own.

OUT OF STOCKCustom Shop Metal FrontCustom Shop Metal Front

Custom Shop Metal Front


The Metal Front™ was originally designed to shield the guitar and reduce hum.  Standard leaf engraving.

OUT OF STOCKCustom Shop Pearl FrontCustom Shop Pearl Front

Custom Shop Pearl Front


The Pearl Front™ comes with a traditional humbucker configuration, a unique design by Zemaitis.

OUT OF STOCKSaleDoppioDoppio


$2,395.00 $1,395.00

The Doppio was set out to be an inspiration from one of Leo’s mid-50’s designs. Used by some of Rockn’Roll’s most iconic players, it incorporates the curves and contours of the original. Using steel block tremolo’s and the BEST handwound singlecoil pickups available. The Doppio is a very well put together inspiration from this original design.


Doppio MKII


This is Scero’s take on an iconic classic design! They kept all of what you know and love, but made of their our own tweaks.

OUT OF STOCKGun SlingerGun Slinger

Gun Slinger


The Gun Slinger from Banning Guitars is built like a traditional archtop.

OUT OF STOCKHeartbreakerHeartbreaker



The Heartbreaker from Banning Guitars includes comes loaded with Rickenbacker Hi-Gain pickups or Toaster Tops, but other choices and hardware are available.