OUT OF STOCKAngled Hardwood Pedal Board

Angled Hardwood Pedal Board


The West Coast Standard Hardwood Series Pedal Board is a high quality rig without custom pricing.

OUT OF STOCKAngled Pedal Board:  Standard Series

Angled Pedal Board: Standard Series


This is the ultimate Angled Pedal Board from the best manufacturer in the business.  10 different coverings in 4 sizes.

OUT OF STOCKSaleAngled Pedal Board:  Unofficial Pete Cornish Series

Angled Pedal Board: Unofficial Pete Cornish Series

$599.99 $569.99

Ready-to-Ship!  12″x18″ angled pedalboard with road case, FREE Painkiller Buffer, and FREE SHIPPING!

OUT OF STOCKFlat Pedal Board:  Standard Series

Flat Pedal Board: Standard Series


The Standard Series Flat Pedal Board from West Coast Pedal Board is best for the traveling musician.

OUT OF STOCKLittle Rock Pedal Board

Little Rock Pedal Board


The Little Rock Pedal Board is a great platform for any plaer with 1-5 pedals.