1959 Lead & Bass Plexi

Exclusive Amps

Exclusive Amps


This one of a kind Custom Shop 1959 Lead Bass Plexi masterpiece is Ben’s take on comping the very best of the 1959 Plexi circuit model by splitting the first triode to represent the classic lead and bass aspects in one amplifier. True to form… this amp captures the very best of the 60’s era gone by with amazing tone and sustain from the moment its powered up. Page, Beck and Hendrix are available at the turn of a dial and all in a hand crafted 30W package that is perfect for studio and stage.


Additional Information

Weight40 lbs
Amp Dimensions


Amp Weight

40 LBS.

Amp Output Power

25 Watts

Amp Tubes

(2) EL34, (3) 12AX7

Amp Tube Options

5881, 6550, 6L6, 6V6, KT66, KT77

Amp Speaker(s)

Celestion Cream Back

Amp Class

Push Push AB (Vintage Plexi)

Amp Front Panel Layout

Bass, Master, Mid, Presence, Treble, Volume

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