Add-a-Baffle Adapter

J Design Guitar Speaker Enclosures

J Design Guitar Speaker Enclosures


Swap or change guitar speaker sizes in minutes with Add-A-Baffle™.   Since 2003, The J Design Add-A-Baffle™ speaker adapter allows for different size speakers to be installed in the same cabinet!  Speaker mounts to the Add-A-Baffle, Add-A-Baffle mounts to your cabinet baffle.

Go from 15″ speaker to 12″ speaker, 12″ speaker to 10″ speaker or 10″ speaker to 8″ speaker within minutes.  (Works with rear loaded speakers only.)

The J Design Add A Baffle™ is a “PPA” (Provisional Patent) protected design.  Patent Pending.
All Rights Reserved.

If not comfortable or familiar with the replacement of speakers, please contact a local speaker dealer or guitar technician for installation.


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Baffle Conversion Sizes

10″ to 8″ Conversion, 12″ to 10″ Conversion, 15″ to 12″ Conversion, 15″ to 2×8″ Conversion

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Shipping for this product is restricted to the continental U.S. Please contact us for international orders.

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