Angled Pedal Board: Unofficial Pete Cornish Series

West Coast Pedal Board

West Coast Pedal Board



Here is #4 of 5 of a limited run of the Unofficial Pete Cornish series. This 18″ x 12″ board and road case combo is Ready-to-Ship. The frame is wrapped is smooth gray tolex, loaded with 1 AC power input, and 2 chrome tele jacks soldered to Mogami cable and Switchcraft pancake connectors for easy guitar and amp hookups. It also comes with tyhe badass super loop velcro deck, plenty of access slats, an accessory kit, and warranty. The road case has the mobility package featuring retract handle and corner casters. The interior has 1″ surrounding foam to protect the board, pedals, and other gear!

The West Coast Angled Series is expertly constructed with high-quality frame materials, and it is great pedal board for all levels of players and comes in 4 standard sizes:

  • The 18 (12″ x 18″) – Fits 10 Boss® pedals
  • The 24 (12″ x 24″) – Fits 12 Boss® pedals
  • The 28 (16″ x 28″) – Fits 18 Boss® pedals
  • The 34 (16″ x 34″) – Fits 22 Boss® pedals

Easily mount any pedal or accessory onto our exclusive Super Loop—a no frizz, high stick pedal board deck material.   Note that all of the frames are made from 1/2″ material, so subtract 1″ from the usable size space.  For example, The 24 measures 12″ x 24″ with a usable space of 11″ x 23″.

Painkiller Buffer Circuit

Includes a FREE Painkiller Buffer—$72 value!

Configure Your Angled Pedal Board

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Pedal Board Size *

The 18 – (12″X18″X4.5″) Fits 10 Boss Pedals

Tolex/Tweed Covering *

Smooth Gray Tolex

Audio and AC Jacks

Jack Hardware – Chrome

Road Case


Electronics Package Included:

2 1/4″ jacks with Mogami cable leads, Switchcraft pancake 90’s, and 1 AC power input for power supply hookup.

This board includes two (2) 1/4″ chrome input/output  jacks, and 1 AC power input port.  The I/O jacks have black Mogami instrument cable soldered to a switchcraft Pancake connector.  The AC power input has an IEC pigtail that runs on the bottom of the board; connecting power supplies has never been easier.  All ports are installed on the right hand side of the pedalboard, the perspective from the player looking into the audience.

Optional Gig Bags:

Our Pro Gig bags have all the bells and whistles that a soft case would need.  Double padding, front zippered pocket, shoulder strap, double padded handles.  This is a serious case!

Optional pedal power supply:

Choose from a variety of optional trusted, high-quality power supply options. Free installation included:

Optional power supply brackets:

If you purchase any power supply with your board, West Coast Pedal Board will include the brackets and installation free of charge!


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