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Gear Collector is proud to present the Canaglia guitar overdrive pedal from Lollygagger FX.  Each Canaglia pedal is completely hand-built—from start-to-finish—and made-to-order.  All hand-wiring is point-to-point.  Why? Because each pedal housing is hand-crafted from Maple or Walnut with a choice of stain color and finish.  Special orders are upgraded with flame, tiger or birds-eye Maple caps with a choice of green, orange, red, blue, or natural finish.

The Canaglia Overdrive has three controls:  POST, GAIN and PRE

The POST controls the overall volume, however, the character of teh gain will change depending where the PRE control is set.  If you use less PRE then the POST will produce a cleaner bark.  The more PRE you add then more gain is generated, and the sound will start to compress a bit more.

The GAIN control can be toggled on or off with the BYPASS switch.  the GAIN control acts like a variable boost.  This allows the pedal to be adjustable with two separate and switchable sounds.  Adjust the PRE to a lower setting for rhythm and in the case of needing some more gain for lead or a heavier part just kick on the BYPASS and you will get your higher gain setting.

The PRE control adjusts the amount of input gain going into the POST circuit.  Where the POST and PRE are set will determine gain, feel, and other slight changes to the pedal’s tonal characteristics.

This turns the GAIN control on or off.

The Canaglia overdrive can use any voltage up to–and including—18v DC, however, we suggest that you keep within the 9V to 18V range (negative tip).  Higher voltages provide more headroom with less compression.  Running higher voltages can increase the overall gain structure of the pedal.  In this case, a louder amp volume may produce a bit more noise due to the increased amplified signal.  A cleaner sounding amplifier will naturally produce less noise.

The Canaglia loves amplifiers with a little bit of drive—think a Deluxe Reverb or a Marshall Plexi.

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Note that each pedal is built-to-order so please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  Click here for fully custom orders:

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Enclosure Wood

Figured Maple

Colors / Finish

Ocean Green, Vintage Red, Natural, Amber Tint, Black Wash, Island Blue


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  1. :

    I have this pedal and it’s just amazing. Much different than other pedals. First of all. It’s a piece of art. The maple case is amazing and it contains point to point hand built wiring. Secondly it provides great options for a player. Being able to cut out the gain control opens up the sonic options during a gig. Finally it loves tube amps. It drives the amp without muddying the sound. Just get one and enjoy the trip. Canaglia oh ya

  2. :

    Great pedal! Built like a tank with tone for days! Very transparent tone, let’s your guitar’s natural tone come through. Imagine cranking your favorite amp to a slight break up, or pushing it all the way into that sweet sweet overdriven tone we all love. That’s what this pedal will do! It looks as good as it sounds, it does not disappoint!

  3. :

    Love this pedal
    It’s a piece of art. It’s just amazing to look at
    It’s a gigging tool. It gives you great option at the flip of a switch
    It love driving tube amps. It doesn’t muddy the sound
    Just get one and enjoy

  4. :

    My favorite overdrive. This is the most natural organic sounding overdrive I have. The workmanship and enclosure are awesome. The wood box gets more attention than anything else on my board.

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