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The Rock Slide

The Rock Slide


Moulded Glass Rock Slides are individually hand moulded in the USA by master lampworkers.  These have all the same features as our brass Rock Slides® with the Knuckle Cut, Finger Rest and Tapered Interior.  These fit almost exactly like their brass counterpart but are slightly longer.  The main difference being that they are much lighter & faster so you can really cook with these on an electric guitar.  Because of our unique tapered interior design they do have enough mass to light up your acoustic.

Small Rock Slides are the sports car of the slide world, very light weight and extremely fast. Ideal for the guitarist who needs to play chords but wants to throw in pinky slide chops. It also works well on the ring finger of many women.  17.5mm I.D. – 47.5mm long – 45g. USA Ring size 7-8.
Medium Rock Slides are a perfect weight for most styles, heavy enough for long sustain on acoustic guitars, but light enough to easily control for fast electric playing.  19.5mm I.D. – 57.5mm long – 70g. USA Ring size 9-11.

Large Rock Slides are one of the heaviest on the scene. This makes for killer sustain on the thickest of string gauges and a down-right dark sound.  21.5mm I.D. – 59mm long – 100g. USA Ring size 12-13.


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