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OUT OF STOCKPolished Brass Rock SlidePolished Brass Rock Slide

Polished Brass Rock Slide


favored by professional acoustic and electric players since 1999.

OUT OF STOCKRenegade Series Classical Guitar Bag

Renegade Series Classical Guitar Bag


Fits most Classical and many Small Body Acoustic Guitars. Luxurious genuine leather.

OUT OF STOCKFlat Pedal Board:  Standard Series

Flat Pedal Board: Standard Series


The Standard Series Flat Pedal Board from West Coast Pedal Board is best for the traveling musician.

OUT OF STOCKNew York Guitar Strap

New York Guitar Strap


3″ wide with New York landmark insets and studding. Handmade in Jodi Head’s New York City shop.

OUT OF STOCKAged Brass Rock SlideAged Brass Rock Slide

Aged Brass Rock Slide


If you are into tweed and worn out looking gear these are for you. Individually hand-aged.

OUT OF STOCKRBX-2B Double Bass Guitar Gig Bag

RBX-2B Double Bass Guitar Gig Bag


Fits 2 solid-body bass guitars.  Rugged, water resistant Quilted Chevron exterior.

OUT OF STOCKMoulded Glass Rock SlideMoulded Glass Rock Slide

Moulded Glass Rock Slide


Moulded Glass Rock Slides are individually hand moulded in the USA by master lampworkers.

OUT OF STOCKSaleAngled Pedal Board:  Unofficial Pete Cornish Series

Angled Pedal Board: Unofficial Pete Cornish Series

$599.99 $569.99

Ready-to-Ship!  12″x18″ angled pedalboard with road case, FREE Painkiller Buffer, and FREE SHIPPING!

OUT OF STOCKAero Series Bass Guitar Case

Aero Series Bass Guitar Case


Lightweight, slim, low profile shape. Shock-absorbing Flexoskeleton