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OUT OF STOCKPettyjohn Chime

Pettyjohn Chime


Voiced to provide a large range of gain & tone shaping to for any playing style. At home in any rig as a part of a player’s sound.

Canaglia Overdrive:  Standard

Canaglia Overdrive: Standard


Ready-to-ship! A unique approach to overdrive pedal design—boost to mild to crunchy.

OUT OF STOCKSaleAngled Pedal Board:  Unofficial Pete Cornish Series

Angled Pedal Board: Unofficial Pete Cornish Series

$599.99 $569.99

Ready-to-Ship!  12″x18″ angled pedalboard with road case, FREE Painkiller Buffer, and FREE SHIPPING!

OUT OF STOCKPettyjohn Iron Overdrive Pedal

Pettyjohn Iron Overdrive Pedal


Inspired by the signature PettyDrive, goes from edge-of-breakup to full-throttle overdrive.

OUT OF STOCKTransit True Bypass Switcher

Transit True Bypass Switcher


The Transit is a True Bypass Looper system useful for organizing your pedalboard and giving your pedals the benefit of True Bypass.

OUT OF STOCKLazy Eye Boost

Lazy Eye Boost


Low-noise, mosfet-based booster with small footprint.

OUT OF STOCKAetos Power Supply (120v)

Aetos Power Supply (120v)


8-Output Clean Power Supply at 120v for North America

OUT OF STOCKPlainsman Clean Boost

Plainsman Clean Boost


Dual Stage Clean Boost with Volume, Engage or Bypass Tone Control, 8 or 15 decibel Max Output

OUT OF STOCKPhoenix Power Supply (120v)

Phoenix Power Supply (120v)


15-Output Clean Power Supply at 120v for North America

OUT OF STOCKVanguard Dual Phase

Vanguard Dual Phase


Series Phaser System–Two Phasers Working Together to Give Unimaginable Texture.

OUT OF STOCKBellwether Analog Delay

Bellwether Analog Delay


The Bellwether analog delay pedal has Tap Tempo, Analog Chorus Engine, and Time Division

OUT OF STOCKMayflower Overdrive

Mayflower Overdrive


The Mayflower is a true bypass, midrange overdrive pedal.